UNAT Continues to Warm Hearts at Tulsa Day Center with Another Successful Outreach Event

In the spirit of selflessness and giving back, the United Nigeria Association of Tulsa (UNAT) once again demonstrated its commitment to feeding the homeless at the Tulsa Day Center.

The event saw a strong turnout of UNAT members, who despite their busy schedules, came together to support this worthy cause.

The coordinator and UNAT secretary, Yinka Osifeso, expressed gratitude to the members for their participation and encouraged them to maintain the momentum for the next event in July.

The highlight of the evening was the enthusiastic participation of UNAT kids, who showed compassion and understanding by helping to feed those in need. When asked about their experience, one of the kids remarked, ‘It feels good to be helping people who need it the most.’

The night concluded with heartfelt appreciation from the recipients, whose gratitude was a testament to the positive impact of UNAT’s efforts.”

Chibueze Okereke

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UNAT Chairperson.

Mr. Goddey Stephen Erue


Chairman's Welcome Speech

On behalf of the executive board, and the entire membership of the United Nigeria Association of Tulsa (UNAT), I sincerely and wholeheartedly welcome you to our website.

Our goal is to exploit our diversity for the growth and prosperity of greater Nigeria through community development, and partnership with other organizations.

Every human has a need to belong, and when we feel accepted for who we are and what we bring to the group, we can build trust with those around us. At UNAT, a sense of belonging creates space and opportunity for us to bring our resources and experiences to build a better equality and opportunity for all.

I encourage and implore you to spend some quality time with us to create a culture of oneness, and use this medium to express your purpose.

When purpose is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. This is very true because purpose matters.

As you journey through life here in the United States of America and especially here in Tulsa, leave a foot-print and let your acquaintances acknowledge that. May I also remind us that “Life is for service” to your maker (God) and to your fellow humans.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “We can no longer walk alone”. I therefore invite you to come and partner with us for the future of your heritage, your children and your generation.

Thank you.

Mr. Goddey  Stephen  Erue
(Chairman  –  UNAT)